BOLD Learning Community

Join the BOLD Learning Community!


Bridging Opportunities in Leadership and Diversity (BOLD) is a fantastic opportunity for first-year and transfer students who are striving for academic success, leadership skills, and new connections, including being paired with a BOLD peer mentor. BOLD is both a 1.0 credit course and an opportunity to get involved on campus!


  • BOLD is a non-residential program and is open to students who self-identify as students of color (African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian American, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Latina/o, and Multiracial).
  • All Liberal Arts and Sciences majors are eligible, including Open Option.
  • The learning community aims to engage multicultural first-year and transfer students who are not recipients of the George Washington Carver Scholarship, Hixson Opportunity Award, Multicultural Vision Program Award, or Science Bound Program.
  • Students are also highly encouraged to participate in their department’s learning community.


  • Build a community with other students once you start in the fall
  • Develop leadership skills that are culturally-relevant to who you are
  • Connect with your College Director of Multicultural Student Success
  • And the following year…become a peer mentor too!


During summer orientation, tell your advisor! LAS 105: BOLD Learning Community Orientation will be added to your schedule. Class is on Wednesdays, 3:10 p.m. – 4:25 p.m.


1. Enroll in BOLD Orientation course (LAS 105) in the fall and BOLD seminar course (LAS 106) in the spring

2. Individual and group mentoring with BOLD peer mentors

3. Explore the relationship between identity and leadership experience/styles. You will strengthen and develop leadership skills that will contribute to your academic and social success


Arnold Woods III, M.Ed
Director of Multicultural Student Success and BOLD Learning Community Coordinator
147 Catt Hall
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Iowa State University

Alexis Dant
Graduate Assistant—College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Multicultural Student Success
102 Catt Hall
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Iowa State University

Safe Spaces and Learning Environments: BOLD was created in 2014 and was designed to support students of color on a college-wide scale. Current research and best practices are incorporated to the design of the learning community. Research shows that the success of students of color depends on the following: sense of belonging on campus; a connection to students, staff, and faculty who reflect and understand their diverse experiences and identities; and a safe space to have a dialogue about their current experiences. Thus, the different components in BOLD directly meet those needs.